Finally a visit to Southsea Brewing Co...

Sunday, 14 August 2016

I finally managed to get over to Southsea Brewing Co. today and so far, I'm very impressed. Based in Southsea Castle, they are a recent addition to the Portsmouth Brewing Scene and so far seem to be doing most things right.

There branding is simplistic but very effective and they are doing well to utilise social media to get their name out there.

Whilst in the brewery today, as well as taking plenty of snaps, I was able to sample a few sips of Searchlight. This is Southsea Co.'s smoked porter, which is a style of beer that I wouldn't normally seek out. However this beer was a revelation; its a got a lovely coffee rich nose, a surprisingly light and refreshing mouth feel and a warm smokiness that is distinctive yet far from overpowering. I'll definitely be getting some bottles of that in before too long.

I did pick up a couple of bottles of Low Tide (Pale Ale) and Lights Out (Black IPA); I'll be reviewing these soon but if they're as impressive as Searchlight then Southsea Brewing Co need not be worried about establishing themselves as a brewery to be cherished.

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  1. Loved this place, we'll definitely pop back and grab some more beers. Maybe we could have a bite to eat at the cafe?


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