In The Beginning

Thursday, 4 August 2016

In the beginning....


Welcome to my new blog! I’m hoping that the title is relatively self-explanatory but if not, well this is a place for me to explore and share two of my biggest loves; lifting heavy things and drinking awesome beer.

So this blog will feature various types of posts;  one day I’ll be writing about a new pale ale that’s got my taste buds dancing, on another I’ll be logging a gym workout and sharing a video of a new deadlift personal best. But don’t be surprised to also see the odd entry about a few of my other interests including, but definitely not limited to, bourbon, cider, movies and meat.

I’m based in sunny Southsea, right down on the South Coast of England, which is a great place to live; right on my doorstep I’ve got some amazing pubs and bars, as well as a huge range of local beer producers ranging from well-known established brands through to new and exciting microbreweries.

Outside of Southsea we’ve got Bournmouth and Brighton an hour either way, London is only a short trip by train and in rural Hampshire there is a wealth of country pubs offering great food and traditional ales. Then there’s the huge range of beers now available in local supermarkets, not to mention the ever-growing list of specialist online retailers; what time it is to be a beer lover!

For training, I’ve tried various gyms but have currently got myself happily settled at my local Fitness First; I know some people like to shy away from chain gyms but I’ve found the Fratton Fitness First to offer exceptional value for money, great training facilities and equipment, and the staff and members are all super friendly.

I’m always trying to get stronger although am in a fat loss phase at the moment. I’ll discuss more about my training thoughts and goals in a future post.

For now, thanks for reading and cheers!

UPDATE - I got bored of writing about training so now this blog is about beer and just beer!

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