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Saturday, 6 August 2016
Too much choice! Gone are the days of having one camera sat in your drawer that gets wheeled out for summer holidays, school trips and Christmas. These days everyone has a camera on their phone and often have at least one digital camera available to them. And that's the position I find myself in.
My phone is a Samsung S6 and the camera is very good. It also has the bonus of being able to edit pictures directly on the phone prior to uploading which is very helpful
But I was lucky enough to be handed down a Sony Alpha 100 DLSR a few years ago. Although it is a bit dated now I have always liked the images it creates and there is something about carrying around a 'grown up' camera. I've currently got an old Minolta 50mm prime lens on this camera.
My third option is a more modern Sony Cybershot Bridge Camera; so the lenses aren't interchangeable but it does produce higher resolution images and also records HD video (is that something I'd ever use? Probably not).
So this morning I've set up what would be similar to how I'll be shooting most beer images at home and taken a load of images with each camera. I've posted them below, some have been cropped, others have been left as originally framed, but none have been edited in any other way.
What did I decide? Well on reflection I'm not sure that the specialist cameras offer much over and above the Samsung, but cannot be sure at the moment how much of that is lack of knowledge. I think between the two Sony cameras, the Alpha 100 colours look better, so right now, I see myself using a combination of the Samsung phone and the DSLR. It may well be that eventually I pick a clear favourite but until then I'll look to use a combination of them both.
Oh and reviews of the beers pictured will be coming soon.
Samsung S6
Sony Alpha 100
Sony Cybershot



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  1. You phone photos look amazing & it'll be such a quick and easy process to edit & upload to the blog compared to the camera.
    Shame about the Cybershot.


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