Return of the Empire by Moor Beer Company

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

 Beer Name: Return of the Empire

Brewer: Moor Beer Company, Bristol, England

Date Sampled: 20th September 2016

ABV: 5.7%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

This is the second Moor Beer that I've tried; their Illusion Black IPA (reviewed here) was a revelation and I've been looking forward to trying some more of their brews ever since. So when I saw this in the fridge at The Leopold Tavern last time I was collecting a beer haul I snapped it up.

Return of the Empire is an IPA from Moor's 'Rare Treats' range; a selection of beers which is constantly changing, often to reflect the seasons and available ingredients. Moor describe Return of the Empire as an "English IPA showcasing modern English Hops."

Like most of Moor's 'at home' offerings, Return of the Empire is "can conditioned with live yeast; unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised." This means that it does have a hazy pour, but with the golden colouring it's like you are serving up a glass of late summer evening sunshine. It has a small head which does stay around for a while and the whole aesthetic is incredibly pleasing.

The nose is also all about summer; the floral hops are the dominant smell but there's a fresh cut grass sweetness edging through. If I closed my eyes I could almost be back playing village cricket.

On tasting the initial sweetness soon dissipates into a reassuringly traditional bitterness, but this is followed by a very natural almost minty freshness. The finish is surprisingly tart with the sort of dryness you'd normally associate with a G&T.

For me, Return of the Empire doesn't quite hit the heights that Illusion does but it's still a very solid offering. There is something very familiar about the way it tastes and feels and I guess that's the point. It takes a lot of what is great about traditional English brewing and gives it a slight modern twist.

Whilst this hasn't blown my socks off it's done nothing to dampen my enthusiasm about Moor Beer Company and I'll be seeking out some more of their offerings as soon as I can.


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