Calypso by Siren Craft Brew

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Beer Name: Calypso

Brewer: Siren Craft Brew, Berkshire, England

Date Sampled:  25th October 2016

ABV: 4.0%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

Do Siren make any bad beers? Before starting this blog I hadn't tried anything of theirs. Since then I've had the Barrel Aged Caribbean Chocolate Cake (amazing), Broken Dream Breakfast Stout (also amazing) and Liquid Mistress (yep, amazing!). From what I've tasted so far the reputation they have seems well deserved.

But surely Calypso would be a beer too far. I'll happily admit that sour beers are not a favourite style of mine (see my Rainbow Project post for confirmation of that) but keeping an open mind and hearing good things I figured I'd better take a trip out of my comfort zone.

I'm glad I did.

In the glass it's very different to what I've been drinking lately; it has a hazy appearance and it almost looks like a cloudy apple juice. The crisp white head dissipates soon after pouring.

The nose is relatively delicate but distinctive, with gooseberry and rhubarb tingling the nostrils and a slightly herbal perfume drifting somewhere in the background.

And the taste? Of all of the sour beers I've tried thus far it's my favourite yet in terms of balancing refreshing sour tartness without feeling like it's attacking the back of your throat. I'm no expert but my feeling so far with sour beers is that the way the beer feels, the way that it generates that mouth watering reaction is as important as the flavour alone and this is where Calypso shines. The gooseberry and rhubarb that follows through from the nose, along with the smooth light body, just makes your mouth feel good in the same way that a lip smacking homemade lemonade might. It's just so incredibly moreish.

In Calypso, Siren have done what I thought was impossible and made me want to explore the world of sour beers some more. Those guys really are magicians!

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