Guatemalan Coffee Extra Porter by Buxton

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Beer Name: Guatemalan Coffee Extra Porter

Brewer: Buxton Brewery, Buxton, UK

Date Sampled:  24th October 2016

ABV: 7.4%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

I'm not even going to try and apologise; it's another coffee beer! This time it's the turn of Buxton Brewery's Guatemalan Coffee Extra Porter.

Buxton started life as a microbrewery back in 2008 and have made a name for themselves making top quality beers using the finest ingredients. I've heard great things about their brews so when I saw this coffee infused offering on the Beer Gonzo website I could not refuse.

As you'd hope from a coffee porter, it's a serious jet black in the glass and with a heavy pour produces a tasty looking mocha coloured head.

It has the most amazing nose; the coffee stands proudly to the front but you also pick up cacao, bourbon and thick sticky molasses. It really smells like a grown up drink.

Then when you sip it has a lovely thick silky feel that coats your tongue.

Right now you'd be thinking that the flavour can't possibly follow up on what has been promised so far?... you'd be wrong.

This porter has flavour by the bucket load; everything from the nose, especially the coffee, is still evident when you drink it, and the bourbon really comes to the fore in the aftertaste, leaving a warming smoky bitterness that lingers long after you've swallowed.

This hasn't got the sweet pudding like quality that something like Evil Twin's Biscotti Break offers, but Buxton have absolutely smashed it with this beer, producing a coffee porter that balances complex flavours into a beautifully balanced and easy drinking beer.

This is one I'd definitely buy again.

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