Halloween Special Part Two

Monday, 31 October 2016

So it's the spooky day itself and time to review the last two beers in my monstrous selection;

Beer Name: Black Wych

Brewer: Wychwood, Oxfordshire, UK

Date Sampled:  31st October 2016

ABV: 5.0%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

Wychwood were actually one of the first brewers to welcome me into the world of ale; I remember one Christmas my Dad receiving some bottles of Hobgoblin as a present and him letting me have a taste. I won't disclose how old (or young) I was but it's safe to say that my taste buds had not yet developed into what they are today. I did not demand another sip that Christmas!

Black Wych is described on the Wychwood website as "a dark mysterious spellbinding porter." Well they certainly make it sound like a beer fit for Halloween.

Sadly it left me a little underwhelmed... less Blair Witch and more Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

It looks the part in the glass, with a jet black pour and a caramel coloured head however from the nose onwards it fails to excite, with an aroma almost evenly matched between roasted malts and an almost soap like floral perfume.

The taste is again dark malts with little complexity, followed by a slightly nutty aftertaste. It isn't overly bitter and nothing lingers for any discernible length of time.

Black Wych isn't a bad beer but with the quality of stouts available I'm afraid I won't be racing my broomstick back to Wychwood any time soon.

Beer Name: Kujo

Brewer: Flying Dog Brewery, Maryland, USA

Date Sampled:  31st October 2016

ABV: 8.9%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

That's better! Kujo is simply a great coffee stout that, much like it's namesake, is not to be trifled with!

In the glass it looks innocent enough, with the jet black colour and mocha head that you'd expect in a coffee stout.

But the nose does give you a hint of what's to come, with vanilla, toasted malts and coffee battling for attention.

When you first sip Kujo it's got a lovely flavour balance, with the vanilla and coffee following through from the nose. But then it bites you like a rabid dog, with heavy black treacle and hints of liquorice snapping at your ankles before settling down into a boozy bitter finish.

Kujo is not subtle, it has a lot of big flavours but they work so well together that this is a coffee stout I will definitely go back to.

Who's a good boy then!?!

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  1. Awesome review & I love the pictures! The Kujo ones are fab :)


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