Heavy Artillery by Southsea Brewing Co.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Beer Name: Heavy Artillery

Brewer: Southsea Brewing Co., Southsea, Hampshire, England

Date Sampled:  12th October 2016

ABV: 7.2%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

I am rather biased but I think Southsea is a pretty cracking place to live right now.

I mean, Portsmouth as a whole is good. The harbour (including Old Portsmouth), the commanding Portsdown Hill, the football team (I may be stretching things there). It's a city awash with history, much of it war and maritime related. Not to mention the literary links to masters like Dickens and Conan-Doyle. Sure it has it's problems, yet I still feel that Portsmouth is a city that understands what it is to be a community.

But Southsea has a 'thing' going on right now.

There's a buzz about the place.

For too long it has been looked down upon when compared to it's more glamorous neighbours of Brighton and Bournemouth either way along the coast.

I don't think those disparaging comparisons are fair any longer.

At any time of year Southsea has things to offer. On a cold winters day there are a plethora of cosy cafes to hole up and shelter from the weather.

On a summers day there are the miles of unspoilt pebble shore line to explore, or acres of lush grassy common to laze about on.

Then there are the quirky shopping areas of Albert Road and Castle Road if you have money in your pocket and a penchant for the unusual.

But where I think Southsea is really making it's name, is as a mecca for beer drinkers. The variety and quality of drinking establishments is mesmerising, ranging from traditional boozers specialising in old fashioned but good quality ale, through to modern bars offering the latest in local, national and international craft beers.

Whether drinking in Albert Road, Osbourne Rd/Palmerston Rd or Old Portsmouth, you can find enough great pubs to fill all but the most ridiculous pub crawl.

But outside of the pubs, one of the most exciting recent additions to the local beer scene is Southsea Brewing Co. There are a number of great breweries locally (Staggeringly Good is another of my favourites) but Southsea Brewing Co. have had me hooked since my first taste of their smoked porter.

I've since written about the brewery twice, once on my first visit and again when reviewing Lights Out, their lovely Black IPA. I've also tried Low Tide which is an outstanding Pale Ale.

So when I saw their facebook post last weekend about the release of a new Double IPA called Heavy Artillery I just had to go and grab a bottle.

I'm glad I did, because there's no beating around the bush with this review; this beer is amazing.

It has a hazy golden colour reminiscent of the ever-so-popular DIPAs that seem to be dominating the US beer scene at the moment, with a small crisp white head that fades quickly.

But the nose. Wow! That hits you long before you bring your face close to the glass, with a fruity punch that can't fail to get your mouth watering. Mango and Apricot aromas dominate but you'd be forgiven for thinking that you'd dipped your head towards a fresh fruit salad.

On tasting, Heavy Artillery continues to fire massive shots. The fruit remains but is now joined by a resinous quality that brings both balance to the flavour and a lovely silky smooth mouth feel. It's a pleasure to the last drop.

This beer is full bodied and packed to the rafters with high quality hops from start to finish and I can't speak highly enough about it.

Too many people overlook small producers on their doorstep. We are very lucky in the Portsmouth area that we have a number of great breweries available to us. If Southsea Brewing Co. continue to create beers as good as this, it won't be long before their name starts getting known much further afield.

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