Spresso Stout by Beavertown

Monday, 21 November 2016

 Beer Name: Spresso Imperial Espresso Stout

Brewer: Beavertown Brewery, London, UK

Date Sampled:  20th November 2016

ABV: 9.5%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

Yes it's another coffee stout.... well shoot me! I can't help it that it's become one of my favourite styles of beer!

Spresso Stout is a seasonal collaboration between Beavertown and Caravan Coffee Roasters, both of London. According to the Beavertown website, over 40kg of roasted coffee beans goes into each brew of Spresso. 

That coffee is very evident in the nose; in fact of all of the coffee stouts I've had this year, Spresso is probably the one with the strongest coffee aroma. It's almost like putting your head into a glass of cold brew coffee, rather than beer. There's also some vanilla and brown sugar swirling around in the mix.

It looks lovely in the glass, thick and black with a mocha coloured head.

As expected from a beer called Spresso, the coffee flavour is bold and powerful, but rounded off beautifully by the vanilla that follows through from the nose. Then the finish becomes slightly bitter, with the thick unctuous consistency ensuring that the flavours hang around for a while.

Spresso is a cracking coffee stout and is great drinking on a cold winters afternoon.

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