7th Church of the Apocalyptic Lawnmower by Weird Beard/A&H

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Beer Name: 7th Church of the Apocalyptic Lawnmower

Brewer: Weird Beard Brew Co. and Anspach & Hobday, both London, England

Date Sampled:  22nd January 2017

ABV: 6.5%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

I'll be honest, I wasn't even sure what sort of beer I was buying when I picked this off the shelf, I just got swayed by the name! That and the fact that everything I'd had by Weird Beard so far had been very good.

7th Church (as I'll call it for the rest of this review) was brewed in collaboration by Weird Beard and Anspach & Hopbday, after the latter's brewery was out of action for a short period. Weird Beard have done a great job of explaining the creative process, describing this as a tweaked version of A&H's cream ale. I loved the name when I first read it, but when I read that Braindead, Peter Jackson's early low budget horror film, was part inspiration I liked it even more. The final name itself is borrowed from a track by Lawnmower Deth, a band who apparently do very loud shouty music.

Anyway, on to the beer!

Even though it's labelled as a dark cream ale, I guess I was expecting a rich brown colour. What I got was something almost black with a small pale head which offers very little lacing.

The nose was a surprise, with resinous pine being the obvious aroma, with hints of dark toffee.

In the mouth it was more heavily carbonated than it appeared, but after chilling lightly as directed it felt lovely.

On tasting the resinous pine came through, with the hints of dark toffee having more of a caramel feel to them as the flavour developed. There was almost a slight smokiness that I guess comes from the toasted malts (here my beer knowledge may be lacking!) but no overpowering bitterness to the finish.

7th Church reminded me a lot of some of the black IPAs that I've tried this year, with it's smooth mouth feel and hoppy characteristics. It's a lot more refreshing than I expected and it's a great bit of collaborative and inventive brewing.

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