Keller Pils by Lost and Grounded

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Beer Name: Keller Pills

Brewer: Lost and Grounded Brewers, Bristol, England

Date Sampled:  26th January 2017

ABV: 4.8%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

For an area of the country renowned for it's excellent cider, the south west is fast becoming a hot bed for innovative beer brewing. If you look at a map of Breweries in and around the Bristol and Somerset area you'll find Moor Beer Company, Wild Beer and Bristol Beer Factory... and those are just the ones of the top of my head.

One of the latest to join the rural explosion is Lost and Grounded, who scommenced brewing in Bristol in July 2016. Founder and head brewer Alex Troncosco started his brewing career in Australia, followed by a stint at Camden Town Brewery in London before beginning his dream project in the west country. His blog posts are a fascinating insight in to his inspirations and passions, which are reflected in the Lost and Grounded's focus on German and Belgian brewing style.

To learn more about the brewery take a look at the below video from The Craft Beer Channel;

The first beer that I'm trying from Lost and Grounded is Keller Pils, a bottle that I recently had delivered from Hoptimism.

It certainly looks like a good pilsner, with a lovely, almost completely clear amber colour. It has a small white head but this doesn't hang around long.

The nose is enticing, with grassy hops dominating.

I chilled it for an hour prior to drinking, which along with the smooth carbonation, meant it had a lovely refreshing mouth feel.

It tastes great; the fresh cut grass hoppiness coming through with a lovely crisp bitter finish.

They may not be the most fashionable style of beer in the 'craft' world, but I can definitely appreciate a good pilsner. Crisp by the American Sixpoint Brewery is a great example. For me the biggest difference between the new breed of lagers when compared to the 'traditional' offerings loved up and down the UK is not that they offer some new complexity of flavours. Rather that they rely on top quality ingredients and brewing to produce something enjoyable and very natural tasting.

Lost and Grounded have done just that; Keller Pils demonstrates how good a pilsner can be. It's crisp, refreshing and is a great reminder that there is still life in lagers yet.

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