Kick-Start by Vibrant Forest

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Beer Name: Kick-Start

 Brewer: Vibrant Forest Brewery, Lymington, Hampshire, England

Date Sampled:  25th January 2017

ABV: 5.7%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

When you consider that I've called myself South Coast Barbell and Beers and that I'm based in Hampshire, I'm actually a little embarrassed that this is the first Vibrant Forest brew that I've reviewed.

Based in Lymington on the edge of the New Forest, they are a micro brewery that have already gained quite a reputation nationwide and beyond. Kick-Start is an oat and coffee stout from their core range and this bottle was part of my recent delivery from Hoptimism.

Kick-Start pours a very dark brown in the glass and with it's almost mill pond stillness it looks like a strong Americano.

There is clear coffee in the nose, along with a hint of liquorice.

The taste is dominated by coffee, in a very good way. The initial hit is espresso strong before drifting into the bitter dark mocha finish, with the liquorice still there in the background holding it all together.

Unlike some coffee stouts I've had in the last six months there's no big boozy finish, so with the help of the smooth but unctuous body, the coffee flavour is able to remain for some time.

Kick-Start isn't as jam packed with mind blowing flavours or even as 'in your face' as some darker beers on the market right now, but it is a great example of a very good coffee stout, is incredibly easy drinking and definitely one I can see myself having again.

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    Kick Start is a lovely beer that gives its flavour in small doses without beating you about the head with them. Vibrant Forest produce great beers across the range from Radicale single hop editions to the mighty Kaleidoscope and Metropolis. Did you catch the recent New Beer Launch and Tap Takeover at the Wine Vaults, Wave Maiden, Hole In The Wall and Meat & Barrel? What a weekend that was....


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