Millionaire by Wild Beer

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Beer Name: Millionaire

Brewer: The Wild Beer Co, Somerset, England

Date Sampled:  12th November 2017

ABV: 4.7%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

Just a short snappy review tonight as I'm very sleepy and just want to lounge on the sofa and enjoy this awesome beer.

I've reviewed a number of offerings from Somerset based Wild Beer and have been very impressed so far.

Millionaire is described by Wild Beer as a Salted Caramel and Chocolate Milk Stout. At only 4.7% its a far cry from some of the beefy imperial stouts and porters I've enjoyed this winter, but with the snowy weather sweeping across the UK it still felt like the right kind of beer for this evening.

It pours a deep brown, almost black, with a small butterscotch coloured head that fades quickly.

Millionaire has a wonderful nose, with hints of the salted caramel mixed in with vanilla giving it the aroma of a decadent dessert, a feeling which is only enhanced by the silky smooth mouth feel.

On tasting it does start sweet, with the caramel following through strongly from the nose. Then cacao bitterness cuts through before a noticeable but very pleasant sprinkle of salt on the finish.

Having drunk so many imperial stouts and porters recently, with ABVs in the 9 to 11% region, I was almost half expecting a boozy hit at the end. But it didn't come. Now how that makes me feel probably depends on how I'm drinking it. With this being the only beer I'll drink on this cold wintry night I sort of missed that unashamedly boozy hit that something like Ten Fidy leaves you with. But what Wild Beer have created here is a hugely tasty stout that would probably be very sessionable. I think it's great and I'm a little sad I haven't got another bottle to crack open right now.

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  1. Ooh lovely background & that beer sounds lovely, even if it smelt just like beer ;)


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