2016 GBG Beer Week IPA by Stigbergets

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Beer Name: GBG Beer Week IPA

Brewer: Stigbergets Bryggeri, Gothenburg, Sweden

Date Sampled: 18th February 2017

ABV: 6.5%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

Whilst the craft beer scene is massive in the UK and USA, the impact that the rest of Europe is having cannot be overlooked. Brewers like Omnipollo, Mikkeller and Evil Twin (Guerrilla brewer originating in Denmark but now brewing all over) are championing the new beer revolution. Meanwhile traditional but world beating efforts from Delirium, Cantillon and others ensure that the rest of the globe cannot overlook the significance of European advancement in brewing techniques.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Europe is now the seat of further beervolution, with one of the newest brewers generating a lot of interest being Swedish brewers Stigbergets. Based in Gothenburg and only brewing since 2012, they shot into the consciousness of beer drinkers around the world when their special edition IPA, brewed for the 2016 Gothenburg Beer Week, was unleashed. After demand went through the roof it is now brewed regularly and has become part of their core line up, thankfully giving drinkers around the world the opportunity to try it. It featured in Rate Beers 2016 top 100 beers in the world and has won award and plaudits aplenty.

When a beer comes with this much hype there is always a fear that it will disappoint. Well Stigbergets' GBG IPA definitely does not.

It has a lovely appearance in the glass, with a hazy opaque finish and a crisp white head. It hasn't got the bright orange fruit juice appearance of something like a Cloudwater DIPA or Siren Ten Dollar Shake, but it's very appealing none the less.

It's aroma is like a glass full of summer, with pine, grapefruit and fresh cut grass filling your nostrils.

It has a medium body which, with it's lively carbonation, gives it a lovely mouth feel.

It tastes amazing. Whilst I've seen it lumped in with the New England style IPA's, it's a very different beast to the those absolute juice bombs that have you wondering whether you've actually drunk any alcohol. Instead, the combination of the pine coming through strongly from the nose, along with the pithy grapefruit bitterness, leaves you in no doubt that you're drinking a heavily hopped IPA. That's not to say that it's harsh; in fact the flavours are incredibly smooth, well rounded and the whole package is incredibly well rounded.

I am not surprised that this Stigbergets 2016 GBG Beer Week IPA has earned so much praise. It's an incredibly well put together beer and I can't wait to see what else they have to offer.


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