New England IPA by Brewdog and Cloudwater

Friday, 17 February 2017

Beer Name: New England IPA

Brewer: Brewdog, Aberdeenshire, Scotland & Cloudwater Brew Co., Manchester, England

Date Sampled: 17th February 2017

ABV: 6.8%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

One thing I love about the craft beer scene is the unity and common purpose that seems to unite the many brewers. It's not uncommon to see breweries posting positive thoughts about competitor's beers, hosting tap takeovers by rivals and my personal favourite, beer collaborations.

Already in this relatively young blog I've reviewed collaborations between Weird Beard and Anspach & Hobday, Siren, Magic Rock & Beavertown, various between Buxton & Omnipollo including the amazing Yellow Belly, not to mention the seven ground breaking international pairings produced in the 2016 Rainbow Project.

This latest collaboration, which has gained a huge amount of buzz across social media, is between the brewing and marketing monster that is Brewdog and the current darlings of the UK craft scene, Cloudwater.

Brewdog have inadvertently, and probably unfairly, become a bit of dirty word to some hardcore craft beer aficionados. Lambasted for what some believe to be selling out by allowing their beers to be sold in supermarkets, it's not uncommon to hear grumbles about a down turn in quality and innovation. Whilst brewing on a huge scale clearly means each batch doesn't get the same close attention that a smaller brewer would be able to offer, I can't see any drawback to having beers as good as Punk IPA available so readily. When you also consider some of the small batch offerings that Brewdog still produce, as well as the string of bars that are opening around the country selling craft beer from brewers all over the world, as a driving force of great beer I think they are still doing a lot of good.

Manchester based Cloudwater Brew Co. are of course riding atop the crest of a juicy hazy DIPA wave. Recently crowned best brewery in England and the fifth best in the world at the Rate Beer awards, Cloudwater have built their reputation on top quality seasonal beers, not least the hugely fussworthy DIPA series. As you'll see from my recent review of version 11, Cloudwater have nailed the juicy east coast America style DIPAs and in my view deserve all of the plaudits that are coming their way.

So when you consider all of the above, this New England IPA by Brewdog and Cloudwater came with a lot of expectations riding on it's shoulders and I'm happy to say it deliver's everything you'd hope for.

Straight from pouring you know this beer is the business; hazy yellow with a lovely white head that laces beautifully, and an obviously thick unctuous body.

The aromas are full of fruit, with mango, grapefruit, pineapple and citrus combining with a hint of fresh cut grass sweetness to give you a nose that screams summer.

These fruits and more are all evident on tasting, with sweet apricot joining the mix before the grapefruit, more pithy now, finishes it all off.

This New England IPA packs a serious fruit punch and whilst it's not quite as 'full on fruit juice' as Cloudwater's recent V11 DIPA, that's no bad thing. This actually maintains more of a beer flavour and would offer a great alternative to those that felt that V11 was just too much fruit and not enough beer (I wasn't one of this by the way!).

I hope this collaboration between Brewdog and Cloudwater becomes a regular thing as this beer is an absolute beauty and I'd implore anyone to give it a try if they get a chance.


  1. Nice post! I'm going to be checking out a collaboration I'm really excited about next weekend! I love that the beer community is so welcoming :)

  2. Have heard so many good things about this beer! Glad to hear it lives up

  3. I've never had a Brewdog beer but have always heard great things and this post reinforces that. I'm looking forward to trying Brewdog eventually.


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