DIPA V12 by Cloudwater

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beer Name: DIPA V12

Brewer: Cloudwater Brew Co., Manchester, England

Date Sampled:  27th February 2017

ABV: 9%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

You can have too much of a good thing right? Well if you're talking about Cloudwater DIPAs then no, I say just keep them coming.

The Cloudwater V11 is without doubt one of the best beers I've drunk this year (possibly ever but that'll take some more thought) and their special Birthday DIPA was another master class in modern heavy hopped brewing.

This V12 (officially released only a couple of days before the Birthday DIPA) represents the latest in the now monthly Cloudwater offerings and suggests that we're now at recipe refinement stage rather than revolution. I guess when you've already brewed something so good the last thing you want to do is fiddle with it too much.

V12 looks lovely, the now familiar golden haze slightly more translucent than V11. It has a white head which laces well, sliding down the glass as the beer disappears.

The nose, whilst not as fruit-punchy as previous incarnations, is jam packed with tropical aromas. Mango and pineapple dominate, along with hints of pine.

The mango follows through strongly, along with the pine which is more evident than in V11 and in that respect, this has more in common with the birthday DIPA.

V12 has lovely finish with just the right amount of mouth watering lip smacking bitterness, making the whole thing incredibly drinkable.

Cloudwater have produced another remarkable beer in V12, which although for me doesn't quite eclipse V11, demonstrates once again why they are gaining such a reputation across the globe.

I have seen some comments suggesting these monthly releases may be causing a 'DIPA fatigue' amongst some beer lovers. Whilst I don't agree with that sentiment, I do feel that whether these monthly releases all remain as 'must buys' will depend on what each beer offers. If, as I expect, each version is simply a tweak on the now established awesome beer, then I'm not sure that I will buy every month. Instead, with the Cloudwater DIPA's actually relatively easy to get hold of these days, I can foresee a situation where it becomes a 'go to' beer which can be relied upon to represent the gold standard of UK DIPA brewing which also offers subtle difference according to which version is currently on sale.

Either way, regardless of which version you're able to get hold of (providing it's fresh), if you're looking for a British brewed DIPA that can hang with some of the very best East Coast USA juice bombs then you have to give Cloudwater a go.


  1. Sounds like quite the beer, I will have to try to get my hands on it! Cheers from www.beertodaybeertomorrow.com

  2. Love the photos and the review! Sounds like a great brew!

  3. I feel like there is a bit of DIPA fatigue. Once had a few beers from one brewery but each were named something different. I was disappointed to find that each tasted very similar with a very minor tweak.

  4. Hey would u be able to sell a cloudwater glass with black label and send to US. I can pay extra for sure


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