Bourbon Oktober by Vibrant Forest

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Beer Name: Bourbon Oktober

Brewer: Vibrant Forest Brewery, Lymington, Hampshire, England

Date Sampled:  1st March 2017

ABV: 9%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

Just over a month ago I reviewed my first Vibrant Forest beer. Kick-Start was a very easy drinking oat and coffee stout that whilst thoroughly enjoyable was not as 'in your face' or boozy as some of the more exciting darker beers available.

You definitely cannot say the same about Bourbon Oktober!

The original Black Oktober is Vibrant's Imperial Russian style stout and this Bourbon Oktober has (you've guessed it) been aged in bourbon barrels. For six whole months!

Straight from pouring you know this beer means business, the thick glossy liquid having an almost red wine hue. There is no head and no carbonation but that doesn't matter; this stout is smooth and luxurious.

The nose is unbelievably strong with bourbon, but there are also hints of dark chocolate, vanilla, cherry and rich winter fruits.

When sipped (and this is one to be sipped) the bourbon is still the MVP, with vanilla really the only other flavour evident. That may not appeal to all but I love it.

I've not had a barrel aged beer before that so powerfully showcased the flavours of the barrels chosen. Bourbon Oktober is rich, indulgent, unashamedly boozy and is the first beer that has left me with that warm feeling that normally only comes with sipping spirits.

It's a cracking beer and now I'm desperate to try Reggae Oktober, Vibrant's stout aged in Caribbean rum barrels.

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  1. Definitely a stout lover! Havent tried this one but it sounds interesting. Cheers from the BTBT crew


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