Kilos of Cookies by Beerbliotek & Benchwarmers

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Beer Name: Kilos of Cookies

Brewer: Beerbliotek, Gothenburg, Sweden & Benchwarmers Brewing Co., Helsingborg, Sweden

Date Sampled: 30th March 2017

ABV: 8.6%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

The craft beer wave has washed over most of the globe and Scandinavia is no different... in fact some of the most innovative breweries hail from this corner of Europe. Mikkeller, Ominpollo and To Øl are just three that are blazing a trail and wowing hop fans around the world.

This exciting collaboration brings together two Swedish brewers, Beerbliotek and Benchwarmers.

Kilos of Cookies (named after the dogs of two of the brewers) is an Imperial Oatmeal Stout and I picked up this can as part of an order from Beergium.

With a heavy pour Kilos of Cookies produces an impressive mocha coloured head sat atop a jet black glossy liquid.

The nose is full of dark cocoa and vanilla with just a hint of the alcohol that lays beneath.

There is very little carbonation and the large quantity of oatmeal added during the brewing process has given it a lovely silky smooth mouthfeel.

It isn't subtle when it comes to tasting. Up front there is a strong dark hit of dark chocolate, softened slightly by a drop of vanilla, before a boozy bitter finish leaves you with no doubt that you're drinking an imperial stout of 8.6% ABV.

I've had some great stouts and this is just how I like them; full of rich dark flavour and warming alcohol. I bloody love this.

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