North Coast Voodoo by Madrigal

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Beer Name: North Coast Voodoo

Brewer: Madrigal Craft Brewery, Lynmouth, Devon, England

Date Sampled:  11th March 2017

ABV: 4.2%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

So after a string of well hyped beers from some established breweries it's something very different with this review. Based on the rugged North Devon coast, Madrigal are a small batch brewery who I had never heard of until my other half grabbed this bottle on a visit to Darts Farm.

This IPA is described by Madrigal as 'concocted with New World Hops and Old World soul,' and I think I know what they mean.

In the glass it has a distinctive rich reddy brown colour, not to dissimilar to Sharp's Wolf Rock red IPA. It has no noticeable head and a slight haze.

The nose is quite delicate, although hints of grapefruit are evident, along with earthy dark fruits and a slight vanilla note.

Those dark fruits and vanilla do carry through into the taste, adding slightly more depth than the nose suggested there might be.

On first look you'd be forgiven for assuming this was going to be a very simple traditional ale and to a certain degree you'd be right. But it offers just enough to peak your interest and is as easy drinking as you'd expect from a 4.2% ABV IPA.

North Coast Voodoo is a lovely little IPA and, freshly chilled, it'd be a great session beer to accompany a barbecue on a sunny Devonian beach.

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