DIPA V13 by Cloudwater

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Beer Name: DIPA V13

Brewer: Cloudwater Brew Co., Manchester, England

Date Sampled:  2nd April 2017

ABV: 9%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

It was a gloriously sunny day down here in Portsmouth today and whilst at work, chatting with a colleague, we were discussing what each of us were going to do this evening to make the most of the weather. He was hoping to persuade his wife to grab some gas and was picturing himself sat in the garden, burgers sizzling, with an ice cool Gin and Tonic in hand. Now I'm not adverse to enjoying a G&T myself but mentioned to him that I was ridiculously excited about a beer I had chilling in the fridge. My colleague is not a craft beer fan, but is a beer drinker, so I embarked on describing to him the reason for my anticipation. I don't think I was more then half a sentence in before I realised that I was talking a different language... Double IPA.... New England style.... Hazy juice bomb. It suddenly struck me that thanks in no small part to the advancement of the US craft beer scene, and the amazing strides that UK brewers are making, the beer market is more diverse than ever before.

Farmhouse, sours, imperial stouts, black IPAs.... all styles, along with DIPAs and many others, that twelve months ago I wouldn't have even known existed!

Cloudwater, with their hugely successful DIPA V series, have had a huge influence in broadening the tastes of UK drinkers. Their regular releases have allowed them to tweak and improve their recipe and now many rank them as easily comparable to some of the best that the US can offer.

On the day of V13 being released Cloudwater announced that this was the last in the series and that from this point on they would focus on four key seasonal DIPA releases. To say that they've ended the series on a high note would be an understatement.

V13 emerges from the can exactly as you'd want from a Cloudwater DIPA; hazy orange, think, luscious and with a white head that laces nicely.

The aroma is a powerful fruit punch to the nose; a veritable smoothie of mango, pineapple and peach racing up your nostril.

The oats give it one of the smoothest mouth feels yet of a Cloudwater DIPA, right up there with the special Birthday release.

All of the fruits from the nose are present in the taste, beautifully balanced and without that 'onion ring' edge to the flavour that has been present in some other beers that I've tried of this style. Then before the fruits become to sweet and overpowering there is a satisfying bitter finish that leaves you itching for the next sip.

V13 is something truly special, with the extra smoothness it just about edges V12 for me and possibly surpasses V11... I'd have to do a side by side to be sure.


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