Human Cannonball by Magic Rock

Friday, 14 April 2017

Beer Name: Human Cannonball

Brewer: Magic Rock Brewing, Hudersfield, England

Date Sampled: 14th April 2017

ABV: 9.2%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

And the hop train continues! Hot on the heels of some phenomenally juicy beer reviews (Tasty Juice, Hop City, Pulp, V13) it's time for the latest from one of the trailblazers of UK craft beer, Magic Rock.

Released together, Double IPA Human Cannonball and Triple IPA Un-Human Cannonball have generated a lot of interest across social media and when The Beer Musketeer got some in stock there was no way I wasn't going to buy both.

Starting with Human Cannonball, it looks every part the NE IPA; all hazy burnt orange and small white head.

It has a very powerful aroma, with pulpy mango, sweet fresh orange and a nice hint of pine.

Human Cannonball feels wonderful in your mouth, the medium body and lack of carbonation giving it a lovely smoothness.

It tastes brilliant, the mango is up first, followed by sticky resinous pine before a finish which is dominated by super pithy bitter grapefruit; so much so you're left with a slight tingle on your taste buds.

Whilst there's not much of the 9.2% ABV on show, this DIPA packs a serious punch. Not as subtle as some I've had recently but I love it.

Watch this space for a review on Un-Human Cannonball!


  1. I like an IPA that leaves your mouth feeling tingly!

  2. Love a hoppy brew and at 9.3 it really sounds like it packs a nice and bitter punch. Cheers

  3. Sounds really awesome with that mango and grapefruit!


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