Noa by Omnipollo

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Beer Name: Lorelei

Brewer: Omnipollo, Stockholm, Sweden

Date Sampled:  25th April 2017

ABV: 11%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

Swedish brewers Omnipollo are responsible (or part responsible in some cases) for some my favourite ever beers. Yellow Belly, Lorelei and Texas Pecan are all amazing dark beers that blew me away.

Noa Pecan Mud has been on my wish list for a long time so I grabbed a bottle when spotting it recently in stock at Beergium.

This Imperial Stout pours a glossy jet black with a fudge coloured head that laces well.

The nose is pecan, vanilla, sticky caramel and dark cocoa.

It has a lovely smooth creamy luxurious mouth feel.

The taste is superb; vanilla and pecan come first, followed by rich dark chocolate, a bold boozy finish and then a burnt caramel after taste. It's like pudding in a glass!

Omnipollo are absolute masters when it comes to brewing imperial stouts packed with flavour and Noa is no exception. It's a cracking beer and one that I'll definitely drink again.

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