Spratwaffler by Time and Tide

Friday, 7 April 2017

Beer Name: Spratwaffler Pale Ale

Brewer: Time and Tide Brewing, Deal, Kent, London, UK

Date Sampled: 11th March 2017

ABV: 3.7%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

The term 'session beer' is one that has become incredibly common amongst both hardcore ale affeciandos and now more casual drinkers. Although there is no official definition it tends to refer to an easy drinking beer with an ABV somewhere between 3 and 5% ABV; i.e. a beer that you could drink right the way through a session. Happily thanks to some of the amazing brewing happening across the world today, opting for a lower ABV beer does not mean that you have to sacrifice taste or satisfaction and there are whole host of styles open to you.

Spratwaffler by Time and Tide is a pale ale that weighs in at only 3.7%, the epitome of sessionable. When poured it is a golden yellow, with a slight haze and no head.

The nose is incredibly fresh with hints of lemon and juicy mango.

The mango is still very evident on tasting, with pine leading into a satisfying bitter finish.

With light carbonation and body, along with the fruity but refreshing taste profile, Spratwaffler is a great little beer and straight from the fridge is an ideal session ale.

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