Un-Human Cannonball by Magic Rock

Monday, 24 April 2017

Beer Name: Un-Human Cannonball

Brewer: Magic Rock Brewing, Hudersfield, England

Date Sampled: 24th April 2017

ABV: 11%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

Hot on the heels of my review of the awesome Human Cannonball, it's time for its bigger brother Un-Human Cannonball. Magic Rock have taken no prisoners with this Triple IPA, turning the ABV all the way up to 11%. But by cranking up the strength have they sacrificed the amazing balance of it's more reserved stable mate?

The short answer would be yes... but whether that is a bad thing depends on your point of view.

It pours a lovely hazy deep burnt orange, with no noticeable head.

The nose is a potent mix of over ripe mango, pineapple and bitter orange.

The mouth feel is lighter than I'd expected, with a slightly slick feel, and there is no real carbonation.

The mango comes through strongly in the taste, with plenty of malts and sticky pine, and when drunk straight from the fridge there is only a hint of the high ABV.

However as Un-Human Cannonball warms slightly so does the temperature in your throat as you drink. It isn't a full on alcohol burn, but there is definitely a boozy warmth to the after taste. This, along with the tropical fruit flavours, had me reminiscing about student nights drinking Passoã and orange juice.

Un-Human Cannonball is a bold bit of brewing that, whilst you wouldn't want to drink it every night, is a boozy sipper of a beer packed full of flavour. It's a little bit bonkers, but I love it.

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