Grower Owned by Magic Rock with YCH Hops

Monday, 22 May 2017

Beer Name: Grower Owned

Brewer: Magic Rock Brewing, Hudersfield, England with YCH Hops, Oregon, USA

Date Sampled: 20th May 2017

ABV: 6%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

Magic Rock, one of the forefathers of the UK craft beer scene, have received some criticism in the last year or so for the lack of innovation amongst their core range. However in the last few months they've had something of a mini renaissance; Human Cannonball and Unhuman Cannonball were very impressive and now they've dropped two limited edition collaborations that have blown me away.

I'll come on to Half Cut, their collaboration with Other Half, in a future blog post. Today I'm focussing on Grower Owned, an IPA that they've put together with Karl Vanevenhoven from YCH Hops. YCH are an Oregon based grower-owned producer of hops who are committed to supplying their products to the craft beer industry. It's therefore not a huge surprise that the beer they've created is a hop heavy IPA.

It pours a lovely hazy orange colour with a fast disappearing white head.

The aroma hits as soon as you crack the can; sweet mango, citrus and a healthy amount of pine smacking you clean in the face.

It has a lovely smooth mouth feel and straight from the fridge feels hugely refreshing.

So the taste? Yeah it's pretty bloody good! The fresh ripe mango flesh is first up, but this doesn't last long before being superseded by a big old smushing of pithy grapefruit with a hint of sticky pine. And it's the citrus that dominates the dry finish.

Grower Owned may not be as full of tropical fruitiness as some of the recent hop forward IPA's but that dry finish is something that I really enjoy and helps make this a very refreshing beer. I think it's great and hope that this is a shape of things to come from Magic Rock.

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  1. Actually sounds like a nice beer and I love your photos.


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