KBS by Founders

Monday, 15 May 2017

Beer Name: Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Brewer: Founders Brewing, Michigan, USA

Date Sampled:  14th May 2017

ABV: 11.9%

Serving Type: Bottle

Location Sampled: Home

There aren't many stouts amongst craft beer aficionados that are spoken about with as much fondness and reverence as Founders KBS. This bourbon barrel aged version of their standard Breakfast Stout has gained a reputation for being one of the boldest and flavourful stouts around. From what I can tell, although it is seasonal, it is relatively easy to get hold of in the USA when it is released. But in the UK, due to it's reputation, any bottles are normally snapped up pretty quickly. I'd been desperate to try a bottle this year but feared I had missed out... thankfully The Beer Musketeer answered my prayers and as soon as I saw they had sourced a handful of bottles I went straight there and snapped one up!

So does it live up to it's reputation? You bet your arse it does!

It looks exactly as a barrel aged imperial stout should; thick, dark and with a caramel coloured head.

It has one of the more powerful aromas that I've experienced on this beer journey. The bourbon is evident immediately, along with black treacle, hints of coffee and a cigar like sweetness.

KBS has a lovely thick, unctuous mouth feel with almost no carbonation.

That tobacco and black treacle sweetness is first up on tasting, with a hint of dark chocolate bitterness followed by a powerful punch of bourbon flavour and warmth on the finish.

KBS met and exceeded my expectations. It's a fantastic beer that doesn't take any prisoners. However, in the quest to try the best beers in the world we can't ignore what is on our doorstep. Only a few months ago I reviewed Bourbon Oktober by Vibrant Forrest which in my opinion compares incredibly favourably to KBS. In fact they're so close I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite without doing a direct side by side tasting.

So KBS is brilliant but if you're a UK based drinker struggling to get hold of a bottle don't despair; grab a bottle of Bourbon Oktober and you won't be sad any more.

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