ThaiRannoCitrus by Staggeringly Good

Friday, 19 May 2017

Beer Name: ThaiRannoCitrus

Brewer: Staggeringly Good Brewery, Portsmouth, England

Date Sampled:  18th May 2017

ABV: 4%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

So this blog is getting on for eight months old now... and considering the subject matter and where I am based it's a bit of a travesty that this is the first review I've posted of a beer by Portsmouth based Staggeringly Good.

That's not to say I haven't been drinking them because I definitely have; Dawn Stealer was one of the first Black IPA's I ever had, their Keg Launch in the Wine Vaults last October was a great night of awesome beer and Velocirapture, especially the recent batch, is amazing. And then there is the Staggeringly Good Taproom which is a great venue and is worthy of it's own blog post so I'll save that for another day! In short, they are a great brewery turning out cracking beer and are definitely on the up.

ThaiRannoCitrus, an IPA brewed with Kaffir Lime leaves, is part of their core range and as of yesterday is the first beer that Staggeringly Good have released in cans. So I figured that was an ideal excuse to pop to the brewery, grab a couple of cans (and a dinoglass) and finally post my first Staggeringly Good review.

As with all of the their beers, ThaiRannoCitrus is totally unfined, and it pours with a very attractive golden yellow haze. It has a small white head which laces pretty well.

The Kaffir Lime leaves are prominent on the nose, along with hints of soft tropical fruits and pine amongst the citrus.

It has a moderate carbonation but has lovely soft mouth feel.

The fresh citrus comes through first on tasting, there's a bit of pine bubbling away but then the finish has a nice pithy citrus bitterness to it. None of these flavours though are over powering and the final result is an aromatic but very well balanced and easy drinking IPA.

Staggeringly Good are just one of several brilliant breweries that we are blessed with here on the South Coast; I'll bring you some more of their range very soon!

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