I've dropped the barbells... from my blog at least.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

As some of you may have noticed, despite the name of my blog, barbells (and my training in general) haven't made many appearances in my blog.

That's not to say that I'm not still hitting the gym, it's just that I've discovered that this is not an area that I'm particularly interested in writing about.

So I've taken the plunge and refocused this blog (and the linked instagram and twitter accounts) and will henceforth be known only as South Coast Beers.

I'm having a few issues in finalising some of the domain transfers so for now you may find some links don't work as they should but bear with me and I'll get it all fixed as soon as possible.

With the refocus of my blog I plan on bringing some new and interesting content to run parallel to my reviews; this will include reports of beer events, brewery visits and general thoughts about the craft beer industry.

I hope you enjoy the blog and if there's anything you'd like to read about on here then leave a comment below.


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