Jurassix DIPA by Staggeringly Good Beer

Monday, 10 July 2017

Beer Name: Jurassix DIPA

Brewer: Staggeringly Good Brewery, Portsmouth, England

Date Sampled:  9th July 2017

ABV: 8%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

I have got a whole lot of love for Staggeringly Good! The Portsmouth based brewery consistently turn out top quality beers that not only taste amazing but also have dinosaurs on the label. They have a brilliant tap room at their brewery and are hosting Warriorfest in July, a craft beer festival on the 19th century warship HMS Warrior!

There latest project is one that had got me very excited ever since they teased an image on their social media in late April by local artist My Dog Sighs, along with the hashtag #JURASSIX. Then when in June they announced that the project was a collaboration bringing together Staggeringly Good's first ever DIPA with cans designed by local artists I just knew I had to get some.

I snapped up one of the preorders as soon as they were available and on Saturday night (8th July) I joined the large queue of people outside Play Dead Tattoo and Art studio in Southsea to collect my Jurassix Six Pack. It was a very warm night to be stuck in such a throng of beer lovers but thankfully pints of Staggeringly Good's Hop Rod and Hole in Time were available to cool everyone down whilst Jags@119 had some amazing looking burgers cooking for anyone looking to go all T-Rex on some fresh beef.

The cans themselves are amazing and the original versions of much of the artwork were on display within the studio and I think most had already been purchased. The only brief that Staggeringly Good gave to the artists was the word 'Prehistoric' and it's fascinating to see the direction that each one has taken. I love them all and I'm not sure I can actually pick a favourite!

Now all of this creativity is brilliant but lets not forget that this is a beer blog, so I guess I'd better let you know how the contents of the cans turned out... I'm delighted to say that Staggeringly Good have absolutely nailed their first DIPA.

On first cracking open the can you're smacked in the chops with a concentrated aroma of tropical fruits which, as you pour, softens into a lovely mix of and mango and apricot, but with a slight hint of rhubarb sharpness also evident.

It looks amazing, with a hazy dark orange appearance that glows when the lights hits it from behind.

Fresh, almost over ripe soft fruits are up first on tasting, but just as it threatens too much sweetness the rhubarb-like sharpness cuts through, followed by a lip smacking bitterness that grips the back of your jaws much in the way a vintage cheddar bites back. Then there is just enough alcohol warmth to remind you that you're sipping an 8% abv DIPA.

Staggeringly Good have never been shy when it comes to adding a lot of hops to their beers so I shouldn't be too surprised that their first DIPA has turned out well. But to get something so full of flavour and well balanced is a master stroke and I really hope that we don't have to wait too long before they make their next DIPA.

What do you think of these amazing cans? And which is your favourite?

Can design by Samo Arts

Can design by M-one

Can design by My Dog Sighs

Can design by Other Things

Can design by Farkfk

Can design by Midge

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  1. Those cans are amazing! I love the little cutesy Dino the best :)


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