Some Fifty Summers

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Beer Name: Some Fifty Summers

Brewer: Verdant Brewing Co., Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Date Sampled:  6th July 2017

ABV: 4.6%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

After all of the Double IPAs I've been drinking lately Some Fifty Summers by Verdant is something a little more sessionable. At only 4.6% it's a much lower ABV than some of their amazing recent beers (like One More PSI, Putty and Pulp) but does this mean that it's lacking in flavour?

Thankfully the answer is no.

Once poured it's like a glass of fresh sunshine, with a hazy golden yellow hue and a crisp white head.

It's nose is full of pithy citrus and pine, not as tropical fruit heavy as some I've had but still very appealing.

It is well carbonated with a lovely smooth mouth feel.

On tasting it is bitter grapefruit that's front and centre, although there's just a hint of candied peel. Then the bitterness comes back on the finish along with just enough pine to add a nice depth to the flavour.

As you might expect it is slightly more delicate than some of their DIPAs but in Some Fifty Summers, Verdant have produced a modern IPA that is easy drinking and perfect for long hot sunny days.

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