Southsea Ale Club Summer Beer Tasting

Friday, 14 July 2017

Thursday 13th July 2017 saw the inaugural social event of the Southsea Ale Club. The brain child of some local beer lovers, the instagram account has been live for a while and is already a showcase of quality local, national and international craft ales.

But last night was their first attempt at gathering some like minded beer nerds together and it was a roaring success.

Their summer beer tasting night, hosted at Hunter Gatherer Coffee in Southsea, featured five beers selected and introduced by Portsmouth's own Beer Musketeer Stuart Ainsworth.

You can tell that Stuart knows his beer as he selected five very different ales that were all perfect for sunny alfresco drinking! I didn't take any notes at the time so the following thoughts are almost as hazy as the beers but....

Buxton Brewery Pale - Light, slightly floral nose, very well balanced and drinks nowhere near its 5.2% ABV.

Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana - Strong fruity aroma, especially pineapple, all of which carry through into the taste, however, not too sweet with a nice bitterness on the finish. Very crushable!

Magic Rock Shredder - The orange that is infused in this wheat beer is hugely evident on the nose and is also fairly dominant on tasting. Not a style I'd normally drink but quite enjoyable.

Siren Craft Beer Thresher - This spelt IPA had quite a sweet nose, almost like the bottom of a compost heap (that's a good thing), but something quite medicinal in the tasting.

Kernel Biere De Saison - Lovely aroma full of funk, wine, hints of cider and a taste that brings all of that together with some lovely fresh white pepper that helps to balance it all. Brilliant beer.

Of these I scored the Clwb Tropicana and Biere De Saison very similar and although very different styles, were the stand outs of that part of the night.

The climax of the evening was a bit of a coup for the organisers, as they arragned an exclusive tasting of Southsea Brewing Company's latest beer. Introduced by the brewer himself, David Eastwood, his Brazilian Breakfast Coffee Milk Stout is made with a coffee cold brewed by Hunter Gatherer (with beans provided by Craft House Coffee in West Sussex) and the beer recipe itself includes Belgian Waffles and Maple Syrup!

I'll be grabbing a couple of bottles soon to do a full review but from that initial tasting I can tell you that it's something very special and I have no doubt that the limited batch of 400 bottles will not be around long.

I can't thank the guys behind Southsea Ale Club enough for the efforts they put into last night. It was brilliantly organised and to sell 30 tickets for their first event was impressive work.

Make sure you follow them on instagram and look out for the next event!

The Southsea Brewing Brazilian Breakfast Stout is officially launched tonight (Friday 14th July) at Hunter Gatherer (starts at 7pm contact for details) and will then be available all weekend direct from the brewery at Southsea Castle as part of their one year anniversary celebrations, along with the rest of their range of beers.

And don't forget to pop into The Beer Musketeer on Albert Road for a great range of craft ales and ciders.

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