Chubbles by Cloudwater and The Veil

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Beer Name: Chubbles

Brewer: Cloudwater Brew Co., Manchester, England & The Veil Brewing Co., Richmond, Virginia, USA

Date Sampled: 4th September 2017

ABV: 10%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

As an avid follower of many stateside craft beer instagram accounts there are a number of American breweries that I'm just itching to try. Trillium, Treehouse, Nightshift and Other Half are just a handful of producers that are consistently pumping out can after can of hop forward juice bombs. The Veil Brewing Co, based in Richmond Virginia are a relative newcomer to the scene (the brewery opened in April 2016) but they have quickly established themselves as one of the best and most highly sought of in the business.

So when it was announced that they would be collaborating with Cloudwater, arguably the hottest brewery in the UK right now, it caused a fair amount of interest!

As I understand, the recipe for this triple IPA was a joint effort between the two breweries with the first iteration of Chubbles being produced and distributed by The Veil in May of this year. It garnered rave reviews and instagram was awash with the striking space themed can design and glasses of bright orange haze.

This meant that when Cloudwater announced the online release of the UK version there were beer nerds (including me) up and down the country frantically hitting refresh to make sure that they didn't miss out. And boy am I glad that I made the effort!

Filling the glass like freshly squeezed orange juice, this beer looks every part the archetypal hazy juice bomb.

It has one of the punchiest aromas I've ever had the pleasure of inhaling, with a mix of mango, apricot and pineapple mixing wonderfully with a melon like freshness. But underneath that there's also a sharp onion savoury element that helps to stop the nose being too sweet.

When you taste Chubbles all of those fruit flavours come to the fore, with sweet citrus up front which moves towards something more akin to an over ripe fermented melon or mango. There's a bitterness to the finish and just enough alcohol present to give a warmth on the back end, with a candied orange peel after taste.

With so much flavour coupled with a smooth luxurious mouth feel I'd almost describe this as chewy, but that's definitely meant as a compliment.

All of the excitement around Chubbles was more than justified; I've not tried many beers that are as full of flavour but also so well balanced.

Don't be surprised to see this featuring strongly in my end of year review of the best beers of 2017....

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