Thursday, 14 September 2017

Leeds Lurking by Northern Monk and Other Half

Beer Name: Patrons Project 1.04 - Leeds Lurking

Brewer: Northern Monk Brew Co., Leeds, UK & Other Half Brewing, New York, USA

Date Sampled:  4th September 2017

ABV: 10%

Serving Type: Can

Location Sampled: Home

The Northern Monk Patrons Project has to be one of the most exciting but also consistent series in British craft brewing. Blending innovative modern beer with world class artists is the sort of multi media experience you'd only normally expect from Prestige World Wide but Northern Monk just keep knocking out top brews wrapped up in the most beautiful packaging. Amongst them are Fire and Passion (a coffee porter brewed with chocolate and orange) and their Passion Fruit Lassi IPA which has one of the most stunning beer labels I've seen.

This latest effort has been put together with New York's Other Half Brewing and is an Imperial Coffee Porter made with morello cherry.

Before we get to the beer however, lets take a moment to appreciate the image that adorns this can. Tom Joy, a Leeds based photographer originally from Aberdeen, has produced the kind of picture that reminds you that spotless streets and flawless historic architecture are not essential for urban landscape photography. The use of harsh lighting, emphasised by the metallic finish on the wrap around label, gives this very industrial image an ethereal feel and works brilliantly with the name of this beer; Leeds Lurking.

So does the beer inside live up to the design on the outside? You bet it does!

It pours a glossy jet black with a lovely hazelnut coloured head that does a decent job of hanging around.

The nose is pretty punchy, with fresh coffee and tobacco giving it a luxurious aroma, whilst the morello cherry is pleasingly also very obvious.

When you sip it (and this is a sipper) there is sweet cherry up front, followed by rich dark chocolate and coffee, but then the cherry comes back at the end, but this time with a sharpness to it.

As you'd expect in an imperial porter, there is a warming amount of alcohol which along with all of the other flavours present, gives you the feeling of drinking a boozy black forest gateaux.

This is another stunning entry into the Patrons Project and one that is definitely worth seeking out.

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