A Four Pack of Trillium

Wednesday, 28 February 2018
As soon as some good friends told me that they'd be in Boston for their honeymoon I started dropping some not so subtle hints around my desperate need to get hold of some Trillium beers. Thankfully my efforts did not fall on death ears and when my they returned to the UK I was presented with four fresh cans that had safely made the journey across the Atlantic.
Trillium are one of the breweries that I've been very aware of since delving into the craft beer world on Instagram; the pictures of hazy IPAs and DIPAs wowing me from afar whilst the reviews just reinforcing that the Boston based brewery really are amongst the world's best.
I was lucky enough to try a can of the Congress Street IPA in February 2017 and whilst it wasn't the freshest it still wowed me with its powerful fruity punch and amazing balance. So you can imagine how excited I was to get this four pack of cans that were all brewed within two to four weeks of when I drank them.
As you'll read below, they were all very impressive!

Double Dry Hopped Farnsworth Street IPA
It had a very hazy pour with a tiny white head and an aroma of mango and apricot. It was well carbonated, with a soft mouth feel. The flavour was amazing, soft fruits up front and lovely drying bitterness.
I let my other half try this one but after she described it as "fusty, dry and scratchy" she wasn't allowed to try any more of my Trillium beer!
Heavy Mettle DIPA
Describing this beer as hazy does not do it justice; I've seen brick walls that let more light through. But doesn't it look amazing! The nose was a fruit salad of juicy mango and pithy grapefruit but with a heavy hit of pine also evident. Those fruit aromas didn't really carry through into the flavour but the sticky pine definitely did. I don't like using the word dank as it can be overdone in craft beer circles but here it's actually pretty apt and, along with a warming boozy element, this reminded me somewhat of Magic Rock's slightly bonkers Un-Human Cannonball Triple IPA.

Vicinity Double IPA 
This had that classic NE IPA hazy golden appearance and no head to speak of. The aroma was subtle with hints of apricot and sticky pine. It had a small amount of carbonation and on tasting was not as full of soft fruit as the IPA, but very smooth with over ripe apricot then resinous pine.
PM Dawn American Stout
This coffee stout looked beautiful; almost jet black with a latte coloured head that disappeared fast. It smelled like freshly brewed coffee and sweet vanilla biscuit and had a smooth and satisfying mouth feel. The coffee dominated up front but there was also thick molasses, dark chocolate, before the vanilla returns at the back end. This had big bold flavours and a lovely warmth from the alcohol.

So as you can see, all four were amazing but what pleased me the most was that whilst the hazy IPA and DIPAs were just as good as I'd hoped, the stout was a real standout. If these four beers are indicative of Trillium's usual output then they deserve all of their plaudits. 
But, it would be remiss of me if I didn't also highlight that in the last twelve months I have drank many beers of similar styles from British breweries that are just as good and in some cases, even better than those drunk here. The influence of the US craft beer scene on the rest of the world cannot be over stated but they no longer stand alone and the top of that hazy, hoppy tree.

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