South Coast Beers is Taking a Break...

Saturday, 1 September 2018
Well South Coast Beers is taking a break.

When I started this blog in August 2016 it was a way to record and wax lyrical about my relatively new found love for craft beer. In those early days it was a platform that also included my passion for weight training but that element soon fell away as the call of the hops became stronger. 

And this was reflected in my waist band and weight on the scale, as both steadily increased.

That was until May 2017 when I joined my local Slimming World club and with the help of my amazing other half (also a member of said slimming club) I not only reached my target weight (losing almost four stone) but have now maintained it for over six months.

Now anyone can look at my blog or social media accounts and see that I've not been avoiding beer whilst I've been losing (and then maintaining) weight, but it's not been without it's challenges.

For example there have been many many days where I've had to make a choice between drinking a beer or having some other food related treat.

But how did I choose which to have?

Well that question is a fundamental aspect of why I'm taking a break from this blog.

It has become a chore... an obligation... an almost constant background voice of "you haven't written a blog post this month, you need to go to a local craft beer venue so that you can write a review" or " you haven't posted a picture on Instagram for two days, you need to drink a beer so that you can photograph it."

I was no longer drinking these amazing craft beers because I enjoyed them, I was drinking them because I thought I needed to. 

The tipping point was last week when my fiancée, who is not much of a drinker, mentioned that she'd like to go out to try a few of the flavoured gins that have become so popular. 

My response was not "brilliant, I love gin, lets go!"

It was "sounds good, but let's make sure they sell good beer so that I can get a photograph for Instagram."

I found myself wondering how my priorities had become so skewed. 

This blog has been an amazing project for me; it has helped to foster a passion for photography that I knew I already possessed but had never really nurtured. More than that, it has rekindled a love of writing that I'd allowed to lay dormant since my days of A-level English language (I've even recently written some poetry!).

But for the last few months, beer has just become less important to me. 

I'd felt it for a while but had chosen to ignore it. Surely it was just a phase... a temporary funk that would soon lift?

Things became a little clearer after watching the Netflix documentary Minimalism. Don't worry I'm not going to start preaching about the horrors of greed and consumerism, but it did help me to recognise the benefits of focussing time and energy on whatever gives you joy. Right now, that is not photographing and writing about beer. 

So I'm putting this blog and the related social media accounts to one side for a while... I don't know for how long, or even if I'll come back to them. 

I'm certainly not giving up beer, or any other alcoholic drink for that matter. 

But I am going to concentrate on spending time exploring other interests and hobbies, seeking joy instead of seeking social media likes and followers in an attempt to seek some form of validation. 

I'm going to be maintaining one Instagram account but I will not be worrying about engagement numbers, consistent content or maintaining a recognisable theme. It will simply be a place to record photographic memories of my efforts to live a more intentional life.... it may even include the occasional craft beer!

If you want to follow it along, you'll find it at

If not, thanks so much for joining me on my craft beer journey so far and I may see you back here again some day....

South Coast Beers 

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