About me

I’m a thirty something man enjoying a happy life in Southsea, which if you don’t know it, is part of Portsmouth and sits right down on the south coast of England.

I grew up in Somerset and am very proud of my West Country roots but right now consider myself to be firmly settled in Hampshire.

This blog has been put together to allow me to explore and share two of my greatest loves; enjoying tasty beer and lifting heavy things in the gym. So the posts will be an eclectic mix of beer tastings, pub visits, training logs, nutrition and other beer/gym related musings. Don’t also be surprised to see me posting other bits and pieces about life here on the South Coast and beyond, especially if I’ve had a chance to get my camera out (I’ll admit now, there’s bound to  be at least the occasional cat photo).

I’ll stress that whilst I did get myself a BSc in Sports Science a long long time ago, I have no formal or practical qualifications in exercise or nutrition, so anything I post on those subjects is simply about my training and what works for me…. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!

So please enjoy the blog, subscribe if you wish, and follow the links above for my other social media accounts.



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